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Straight To Business 4K HD SD Brunette beauties Jessica and Taissia are in the lounge dressed in matching pink hotpants and cropped tops. Taissia takes control and moves in for a kiss and wasting no time at all, the action skips to Jessica fisting Taissia's pussy! She fists her and turns her wrist as she penetrates even deeper with Taissia moaning and masturbating at the same time. Jessica moves onto her ass and fingers her, then these anal babes switch places as Jessica bends over and enjoys getting her own ass fingered too! Naughty Taissia uses a pink dildo to start ass fucking her, starting off slowly then speeding things up. She turns Jessica upside down and continues her dildo play, while teasing her pussy with her hands and mouth. Once she has finished, Taissia lays down on the couch and Jessica twists a purple dildo into her pussy, slipping the pink dildo into her ass too! She switches between fisting Taissia's pussy and toying her with both dildos until both of these gorgeous girls are extremely satisfied!
Double Happy Ending 4K HD SD Brunette hottie Jenifer Jane is trying her hands at massage and offering her services to her gorgeous friend, Lady Dee. She rubs oil all over Lady Dee's back and can't help herself but to slide down the towel covering her ass to get a look at her peachy bum! Jenifer pours more oil over Lady Dee's ass crack and really massages it in and when she doesn't get any complaints from the Lady herself, Jenifer slides a finger into her inviting hole, ass fingering her! She goes and gets a butt plug from the other side of the room and teases Lady Dee's ass with it before inserting it as far as it will go inbetween her butt cheeks! She lets Lady Dee lick her own ass juices from this little sex toy before getting some help from her to get undressed. Lady Dee works on Jenifer's nipples while rubbing her crotch through her white leggings and these gorgeous babes get more intimate as Lady Dee fingers and toys Jenifer's ass too! They decide to move onto something a little bigger and share a black inflatable dildo which they use on each others asses before licking their massive toy clean. A vibrator seems to be their toy of choice for orgasming with and while Jenifer is filmed ass fucking Lady Dee fast, Lady Dee masturbates at the same time to get ultimate pleasure! Of course Jenifer gets the same treatment as these lesbian anal babes climax one after another!
Anal Is More Fun 4K HD SD Gorgeous brunette Emma Brown is back on Simply Anal today and this babe looks even sexier in glasses! She is kissing her tutor since that's much more fun than studying and he knows exactly what he wants! Caressing her tits through her top, he lifts it up and sucks on her nipples before helping her out of it. Her small but perfect tits poke out from under her white bra and Emma leans back taking in all the pleasure she can. Once she is stripped down to her panties, her tutor pulls them between her pussy lips then slides them to the side so that he can finger her pussy. He licks her too, then they switch places so that eager Emma can start cock sucking him in POV! The camera switches positions and Emma turns around to get fucked in the doggystyle position as her ass bounces back and forth against her tutor's shaft! Emma climbs on top of him on the sofa and rides his shaft then they move onto the floor where this hot babe gets a pussy and ass fucking! Finally she kneels down with her mouth open and takes a nice messy facial like every good girl should in this seriously hot anal porno!
Sliding It In 4K HD SD Teasing in black lingerie and lace topped stockings, Lady Dee strips on the bed and shows off her exotic pussy! Fingering her ass, she licks her finger and is eager for more. Our guy comes in and is ready for action as Lady Dee sucks on his shaft and wraps her lips around his head. Filming her first ever anal scene, Lady Dee gets her ass fucked as she rubs her pussy with her fingers. Our gorgeous anal virgin takes things one step further as she partakes in ass-to-mouth action. Working our guys cock with her hands and mouth, Lady Dee takes his cumshot on her tongue and lets it drip down her pretty little face!
Caught 4K HD SD Raven haired Tetti Dew Korti is sitting on the arm of her chair with her hand down in her panties when she is caught in action by her friend. He watches as she pulls her panties to one side to touch herself and walks over to join in with his cock already hard. He helps her strip out of her floral dress and she kneels on the floor, sucking his cock like a pro! Tetti works both his shaft and balls with her mouth before they switch places and she enjoys some pussy licking action. Her friend fingers her pussy frantically and then fucks her right there on the chair! Tetti climbs on his shaft and rides his cock then turns around to ride him in reverse cowgirl. He slips his dick from her pussy into her ass, ass fucking her while rubbing her pussy with his hand. Their anal sex continues on the rug and Tetti lays on her side while getting her ass filled even deeper with cock. She takes a final doggystyle anal pounding before she takes a messy facial over her pretty face, sucking his cock dry to finish!
Anal Play Babes 4K HD SD It's time for two gorgeous blondes to appear in our latest scene for Simply Anal as Selvaggia and Victoria Pure are on the couch and can't keep their hands off each other! They kiss and help each other strip out of their tight outfits and once they are naked, Selvaggia rims Victoria's ass, working her way up to her pussy and then starts to finger her tight ass! Victoria sucks Selvaggia's fingers to taste her own juices then as Selvaggia bends over the couch, Victoria takes off her panties and treats her ass to some fun too. Afterwards, these lesbian anal babes switch places and Victoria lays upside down while her blonde girlfriend slides a beaded sex toy into her ass. Victoria masturbates at the same time with her legs in the air and it isn't long before she is using the same toy to fill Selvaggia's ass too! After sucking her toy clean, these babes move onto something a bit more substantial and share a purple dildo. Both of them orgasm hard with this sex toy and some frantic, deep ass fucking!
Taking Turns 4K HD SD Sexy European babes Nimfa and Stefany are kissing on the couch and can't keep their hands off each other. They both look seriously hot in tank tops and panties as they help each other take off their tops to get to their nipples. Stefany licks and sucks Nimfa's nipples first making them nice and perky then takes off her panties to move down to her perfectly shaved pussy. Stefany loves to lick pussy and it shows as she teases Nimfa's labia and clit. She rubs it with her finger and slips one into her pussy. Stefany then bends over and naughty Nimfa teases her ass with her fingers. Stefany masturbates at the same time and really enjoys both her pussy and ass play. Turning her over, Nimfa licks Stefany's pussy too and teases her tight ass with a pink metallic vibrator. Sexy Stefany bends over into the doggystyle position to take her sex toy deeper and give herself a shuddering orgasm! These anal babes switch places and Stefany teases Nimfa's ass with a red vibrator while playing with her pussy. both girls get off and you can really see they love their lesbian vibrator ass fucking session!
Anal Satisfaction 4K HD SD Our newest Simply Anal Porno scene features Herda Wisky who is stood in an open blouse and panties teasing our stud. She walks over to the bed and sits down waiting for him to make his move. He kisses her and as she kneels up he squeezes her tits and rubs her pussy through her panties. Once he has taken off her panties, Herda enjoys some pussy licking action as she lays back on the bed. She stays in the same position as our stud kneels above her and shoves his cock in her mouth, face fucking Herda and letting her show off her blowjob skills. Herda lays on her side and gets filled with cock then changes positions so that she is riding dick in cowgirl. This hot blonde gets a good ass fucking and our stud goes straight in and thrusts deep inside her tight hole. Climbing on top of his shaft in reverse cowgirl, Herda gets her ass stretched even more and enjoys some pussy play at the same time before our stud pulls out and cums all over her pussy and stomach!
Gasping For Anal 4K HD SD Olivia Grace is a new face here at Simply Anal and this blonde babe looks a dream in her white lingerie and pale pink shirt. She climbs onto the bed and crawls up to our stud before they start kissing. Olivia can't wait to get her hands on his cock and undoes his jeans, taking his cock into her mouth like a professional. She sucks on his shaft and our stud lays her down on the bed to treat her to some pussy licking after sucking her nipples. Olivia gasps with pleasure and then takes our stud's cock in her pussy! They change positions so that Olivia can take his cock even deeper as she lays on her side then our stud briefly fingers her ass and slips his cock into her tight hole! He speeds things up as she lays on her back and gives her an anal fucking to remember! Our stud carries on fucking her and just as he starts to cum, he pulls out, giving her a slight anal creampie and shoots the rest of his load all over the place to finish their anal sex scene!
Anal Balloon 4K HD SD Get your fix of lesbian anal porn here on Simply Anal as Becky Berry and Claudia Macc show us how much they love to play together. These anal babes undress each other and both look seriously hot in their fishnet stockings. Claudia lays Becky on the bed and after taking off her panties, this gorgeous babe starts to rim her ass. She inserts a finger and teases her hole to make it stretch in pleasure. Becky wants to treat Claudia to the same sort of lesbian anal play so she bends her over in a doggystyle position and uses her mouth and fingers to tempt Claudia and sticks her tongue into her tight ass. Using a black inflatable sex toy, we are treated to horny lesbian anal sex which is not only seductive but pure filth too! Both girls take turns to enjoy this black toy until they move onto a sex toy which is a little stiffer. These gorgeous anal babes both get their asses gapes apart with their dildo and masturbate at the same time to orgasm!
Ivana & Rebeca 4K HD SD While watching porn on her phone, Ivana gets caught by her redhead girlfriend, Rebecca and the two start to kiss in the office. Ivana enjoys licking Rebecca's ass and fingering it before they switch over and take part in even more ass rimming! Fingers are just the start of their lesbian ass play fun as they move onto dildos too - and Ivana forces Rebecca to suck it clean after it's been in her tight ass! Using a double ended dildo then moving onto something a little thicker, we get some amazing closeup action of Rebecca's ass being penetrated as she uses a magic wand against her pussy. Both girls enjoy their ass play and finish this horny scene by licking their sex toys clean and kissing even more!
Alluring Anal 4K HD SD Stunning blonde Sonia Sweet features in our latest Simply Anal porn scene and she is taking selfies of herself with a guitar to look cool. Her boyfriend comes into the room and gets in on the action. He's in the mood for some fun and lifts up her top before pulling down her denim hotpants. He eagerly licks her delicious pussy while she balances on the bottom of their bed and then she bends over on the bed into the doggystyle position sucking his cock! Sonia works the tip of his cock before turning around to get her pussy filled with dick too! No holes are banned for Sonia as she lays on her side, getting her pussy and ass rammed deep! Afterwards, Sonia climbs on top of her guy as her ass fucking continues and now things start to get a lot faster and harder! Her boyfriend briefly touches her pussy while he fucks her, pulling out so that he can shoot his load over her tongue and gorgeous face! Once he has finished he rubs his cum covered dick over Sonia's nipples and massages it into her skin!
Anal In The Kitchen 4K HD SD Stunning brunette Cleopatra is kissing her boyfriend in the kitchen and this Russian babe loves to get down and dirty no matter where she is. She pulls down her top and he sucks and licks her nipples, moving his way down to her pussy as he licks her while she sits on the kitchen counter. It doesn't take long for this horny couple to start getting naked and Cleopatra takes out her boyfriend's cock and sucks on it. She turns around and rides his hard dick in reverse cowgirl, filling her pussy with every thrust. Her boyfriend squeezes her ass cheeks and after she bounced up and down on his cock, Cleopatra lays on her side as they continue to fuck! As she turns over slightly onto her stomach, this hot babe gets an ass fucking too, and her boyfriend takes things slowly as his thick cock fits right into her asshole. After they finish their anal fucking, Cleopatra kneels down on the floor and waits for a messy cumshot which shoots over her tongue and on her perfect tits!
Anal Toy Temptation 4K HD SD Beautiful brunettes Giorgia Roma and Stacy Summers appear in our latest addition to Simply Anal and in this scene they are feeling frisky and kissing passionately in the bed while wearing lingerie. These tattooed hotties waste absolutely no time at all as Stacy lays Giorgia back on a pillow and opens her legs before she starts ass rimming her! Her pierced tongue makes for even more pleasure and she starts ass fingering while Giorgia masturbates her pussy. She lets Giorgia lick her fingers, letting her try ass to mouth, then helps her out of her black lingerie before Giorgia bends Stacy over into the doggystyle position and unbuttons her bodysuit. She licks her tight ass too and fingers her. These stunning anal babes switch positions as Giorgia lays on her side enjoying a beaded dildo which Stacy slides into her ass. They take turns using this sex toy and masturbating to both enjoy orgasms while a dildo is shoved up their asses in this seriously hot anal porno!
Fast Anal Fuck 4K HD SD Renata Fox returns to Simply Anal this week and this stunning redhead is raring to go as she kisses our stud on the bed while dressed in a white minidress. He helps her strip down to her panties and we get a glimpse of her pierced nipples before he pulls down his denims and slips his cock in her mouth! Laying on the bed, Renata continues her cock sucking skills. She sucks on his balls and works his shaft before moving over to the bedside table where she enjoys some pussy licking with her panties pulled to one side. Leaning up against the wall Renata gets her pussy filled and this horny couple move back over to the bed. She rides our stud's cock in reverse cowgirl then as Renata lays on her side on the bed, our guy decides to give her an anal fucking, and doesn't hold back either! He pounds her quickly and then they change positions into doggystyle to get him even deeper in her ass! Our guy pulls out just at the last second and shoots his cumshot all over Renata's face and in her mouth to finish this hot ass fucking scene!
Rough Anal Action 4K HD SD Stunning Katarina is back on Simply Anal and we couldn't be happier. She wastes no time and unbuttons her blouse to put on a bit of a show for our guy and he heads over, helping her to strip even further. Katarina takes his cock in her mouth and while bent over getting her face fucked, our stud fingers her pussy too! ... This horny babe lays down on the couch and gets her pussy fingered some more and licked, enjoying every single stroke of our guys tongue against her labia. He soon pounds her pussy while she lays on her back with her legs right over her head! Our stud is clearly in the mood for some fast and furious sex and stops to finger her deeply, making Katarina squirt! She climbs on top of his cock and enjoys some ass sex as she bounces up and down on his thick cock! Feeling filthy, Katarina takes his cock from ass to mouth and their rough anal fucking continues as our guy gets all primal and slaps her tits! Fucking both of her holes, he pulls out and spunks all over her face, plastering her in a messy facial!
Good Girls Love Anal 4K HD SD Our latest update here on SimplyAnal features gorgeous Russian lesbians Alina and Sofi who are groping and teasing each other in tank tops and hotpants! They are in the lounge and want to get even more intimate with each other as they lick and suck their nipples and Alina helps Sofi strip naked, wasting no time at all! Licking and kissing down Sofi's hot naked body, Alina stops at her pussy and licks her, burying her face in Sofi's lips. She fingers her pussy too and then as Sofi turns on her side, she gets to enjoy some rimming from her best friend! These horny girls kiss and Sofi helps Alina strip. It's her turn to enjoy some fun and Sofi grabs hold of her ass and rims her too! After enjoying some pussy play, Alina lays down on the couch and gets her pussy and ass fingered along with some pussy licking from Sofi and her pierced tongue. Moving onto a jelly dildo, Sofi treats her brunette friend to some anal toying and these lesbian anal babes take turns to pleasure each others asses while they masturbate and enjoy some seriously hot orgasms! Naughty Sofi enjoys some anal gaping right at the end after she is fully satisfied!
Hot For Teacher 4K HD SD Sexy Sofi Goldfinger is learning how to paint with a very hunky tutor and knows that he wants more from their student-teacher relationship. She sits on a stool and he lifts up her apron. Pulling her pink panties to one side, Sofi gets to enjoy some sensual pussy licking and he helps her out of her apron before this eager babe kneels and sucks his cock! Using her hands and mouth, this beautiful babe makes love to his cock and then lays down on the rug to get her pussy filled with his thick dick! Climbing on top of his shaft, Sofi takes every inch of his cock and rides him with her tits and ass bouncing up and down with vigor. Moving things over to the couch, her tutor slips his dick in Sofi's ass and she masturbates at the same time to give herself even more pleasure. This hot couple continue their ass fucking down on the rug and Sofi bends over into the doggystyle position to take a proper pounding in this anal porno. Her tutor strokes his cock and shoots his messy cumshot all over her ass and leaves Sofi completely plastered in spunk!

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